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SanDisk Releases Its Fastest USB Flash Drive


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Posted Image SanDisk releases its fastest USB flash drive

SanDisk has just finished releasing several flash drive units, one of which is capable of the highest transfer speed ever.

And by highest, we mean highest among SanDisk's devices, though you would be hard-pressed to find a quicker device of this sort anywhere else.

Long story short, the transfer speed, over USB 3.0, can touch 190 MB/s, allowing 3 GB files to be copied in 20 seconds and 40 GB files to be moved in four minutes.

The SanDisk Extreme USB flash drive is already selling, in capacities of 16 GB to 64 GB. The prices are of $64.99 / 51.50 Euro to $159.99 / 126 Euro.

“Whether consumers are seeking super-fast transfer speeds, maximum storage capacity or a stylish fashion statement, we offer a drive to meet their needs,” said Bob O’Keefe, vice president, retail marketing, SanDisk.

“SanDisk pioneered the USB drive and now offers one of the broadest lineups in the industry, with a wide range of form factors and reliability that consumers can count on to store their important files.”


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