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SanDisk Also Releases Cruzer Flash Drives, Highest Capacity


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Posted Image SanDisk Cruzer Glide

Since we covered the fastest flash drive from SanDisk, we may as well do the same for the thinnest and the one with the highest number of gigabytes.

We'll first go over the one who is neither of those things though: Cruzer Facet. Housed in a stainless steel frame, it has a faceted texture, various color options and 8 to 32 GB capacities. The price range is $32.99 / 26 Euro to $84.99 / 67 Euro.

The thinnest drive is called Cruzer Pop and can have one of many colors and patterns of its own. It offers 8 to 32 GB of storage for $32.99 / 26 Euro to $84.99 / 67 Euro.

As for the highest-capacity model, it is called Cruzer Glide, has 128 GB but won't sell until the third quarter, for $249.99 / 198 Euro. There are lower-capacity versions too, though, of 4 GB to 64 GB, which do already sell. Their tags go as low as $19.99 / 15 Euro.


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