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Audials One 9 Special Edition


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Audials One 9 Special Edition

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Stop Paying for Music and Videos

Remember that time you realized how much of your budget goes towards buying music and videos? Horrifying, wasn't it?

How would you like to learn about a new life plan that involves getting all of the music that you want at no cost, without

breaking the law? Step one, get today's discount software promotion, Audials One 9 Special Edition!

Audials One 9 Special Edition lets you locate, record, download, and convert music and video quickly, legally, and at no

cost. With Audials One 9 Special Edition, just enter your preferred genre, artist, album, or song title, and the program

will find what you're seeking on any one of 60,000 Internet radio stations or via direct download from a website. As you'

re listening to your tracks, Audials One 9 Special Editionrecords the tune and saves it as an MP3 file. It doesn't even

matter how you're listening - Audials One 9 Special Editionwill capture the song from a website, a stream player, or any

of the music portals.

And just as handy as Audials One 9 Special Edition is with music, it's just as ready to handle video! If you're using a

browser or streaming video player that allows recordings,Audials One 9 Special Edition will display a button. Click that

button, and that video is saved in your preferred format! Your copy is in the original size with no impact to video quality.

You can even create safeguarded copies of protected movies and videos, thanks to re-recording functions.

All of the recordings that you make with Audials One 9 Special Edition can be converted for playback on any PC,

smartphone, tablet, game console, or portable device. So, stop paying for your entertainment, and join the revolution

with your own copy of Audials One 9 Special Edition!

Audials Software The BitsDuJour Special Edition is more just only a MP3 Downloader. More than 50,000 Webradios are included

for your automatic recordings. Just choose one of the 80 genres and click start. AO will fill you hard disk with automatically cut and

tagged music. You can record web videos and Podcasts for free as well. If you have an Android Smarthphone you can connect it

with the Audials App to the Audials One SE to built your own Personal Media Cloud. But it is a cloud manager for Dropbox, Windows

Skydrive and others as well. So you can fill any cloud with free music and your favourite videos for free. Check out the other features.

The SE works without any time limit, registration and promotions for free. So you will save $39.90.


Giveaway page

The offer has been suspended, you can read more about it in the

comments of the giveaway page.

The offer expires in 17 hours and 57 minutes, read the Features and

Policy on the right side of the giveaway page carefully.

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Recently I have installed this software and you will get difficulty when you try to remove it.

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But it's a giveaway. Now what? You should complain about the giveaway directly under the

giveaway in their comment section because they won't read it here and nobody can do

something about it. :)

Also if anyone missed this giveaway here, i highly doubt that this one is the same prog.

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