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have you encounter that your hdd can't partition anymore?


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this morning i encounter a problem for the 1st time

i only test all my flash drive speed using "hd speed"

then after several times testing different flash drive i encounter an i/o error! WTF!!!

and after rebooting it says "please insert a proper device"

though my 1st boot is my hdd WD sata 500gb

i boot from ultimate cd boot

also paragon partition manager and nothing comes solve my problem... can't reformat my HDD anymore because of read error

and there's a alien partition there!! i don't know where it comes!!

the only way to solve the problem is that

i eject the hdd from my server computer

put the HDD to another computer then go to computert management

format there

WTF it solve my problem!!!

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try GPart .

it should be able to help solve your issue .....

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mY SELF I ENCOUNTER THIS PROB FROM TIME TO TIME ! For me it works by unpluging my USB Drive and sometimes by unpluging the Dvd-Writer ( USB Jacks )

Try to remove any USB devices unnecesarys,then restart

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Hello, have you tried this?

The Data Lifeguard Diagnostic Tools are used primarily for determining the physical condition of your hard drive. If you are having computer problems which you suspect are hard drive related, you can test your drive with this tool. This diagnostic utility is designed for hard drives larger than 8.4 GB with the model number starting with WDxxx.


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