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Windows 8’s Calendar App Gets Detailed


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Windows 8 has been long said to arrive on devices with a great deal of enhancements that make it fit for the title of “mobile platform”, such as the People app that was detailed only a few days ago.

Today, Microsoft offers an overview of another application that is meant to offer a great experience on Windows 8, namely the Calendar app.

According to Microsoft, one of the main focuses during the development period of this application was the idea of making things simpler for users.

Colin Anthony, a lead program manager on the Windows Live team, notes in a recent blog post that the Calendar app in Windows 8 is capable of providing the clarity that users are looking for, while also eliminating distractions.

The app will focus on user’s schedule, while also bringing things together so that users could get a complete picture of their every day’s lives.

But this is only one aspect that Windows 8’s Calendar app is meant to touch. In fact, there are several such areas that Microsoft took into consideration when designing the software, including:

Show your life clearly. You should have crystal clear visibility into what’s happening in your life – at home, at work, and at school.

Make it easy to get around. Moving back and forth in time should be quick and efficient. Opening events and appointments should feel natural.

Make it easy to add new items. New things are always coming up in your life. A great calendar makes it easy to make new plans.

Keep you on time. Well laid plans aren’t very useful if you show up late! Smile

Be ready to do more. As you get busier, scheduling gets more complicated. Calendar should gracefully handle your needs as they change.

Through the Calendar application in Windows 8, users will find it easy to move forth and backward in time, will be able to switch views faster and easier than before, while also finding it simple to open and view existing events.

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Adding new events was also made a simple task, while notifications and reminders were set to inform users on what they have to do so that they could do it on time. And since it is a Metro-style app, the Calendar can also be snapped for always-on visibility.

In addition to day view, the Calendar also comes with month and week views, while also enabling users to enjoy a Two-day view, so that they could plan immediate events faster and easier than before.

The Calendar application is available in Windows 8 Release Preview as well, and those who would like to get a first-hand look at it can now download and install the platform from Nsane via this link.


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That is a good news for us Windows users. Windows 8 brings more convenience to our life.

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