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NVIDIA Windows 8 WHQL driver still not ready yet


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Two weeks on from the original announcement that a certified (WHQL) driver for the Windows 8 Release Preview would be released "early next week", it seems that NVIDIA still isn't ready to deliver on that promise.

Just under a week ago we reported that Chris Daniel, Senior Project Manager for Consumer Software,updated his blog post to inform impatient customers that the drivers were still not ready, due to lack of "additional fixes" needed for the Windows 8 RP driver.

Daniels updated the entry again on Monday evening now stating they are preparing a beta driver that should land between now and early next week.

[Update] 6/11/2012: We apologize again for the delay of the WHQL-certified driver for the Windows 8 Release Preview. Please know that our software team is working around the clock. Thanks to your comments, we have decided to post a beta driver in advance of the WHQL-certified driver. Our developers are targeting beta driver release in the next 4-8 days. We’ll update you again on status of the driver, this Friday.

As with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, NVIDIA customers suffered various graphic issues in games and notably in the rendering of Firefox itself and web page content, in Firefox there are still issues with the scrollbar which seems to break randomly and the rendering of fonts within web pages is also broken, jumping randomly between the correct rendering of fonts and not. Although the issues seem a little better in the Release Preview compared to the Consumer Preview, it's clear that NVIDIA still has work to do.

Some members in the forums have reported that they saw some improvement with the Windows 7 301.42 driver, but that doesn't apply to everyone. So it looks like we'll have a little more waiting to do.

Source: NVIDIA via Forums

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