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Windows Phone 8 screenshots leak, show off new features


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Some new Windows Phone 8 screenshots have leaked, showing off some new features that will be coming to the operating system such as integrated Skype, the "Data Smart" app and a new camera UI

New screenshots showing off Windows Phone 8 have just hit the internet, thanks to Nokia Innovation. The site claims to have received the screenshots from an anonymous tipster, which are predictably not all that clear to make out what is going on; in fact the shots really are quite terrible. Nevertheless they do reveal some things about the upcoming mobile operating system.

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

The first of these images shows off an incoming video call provided by Skype, with the second showing the option to initiate a call straight from the contact page. The third of the shots shows a new data usage app (both the app itself and the live tile associated), which is known by the name of "DataSmart" if the information Joe Belfiore released back in February is correct. Unfortunately the screenshots provided are shocking quality so we can't really make out what this app is reporting.

Posted ImagePosted Image

The final two images here show off a new camera UI and the next version of Nokia's mapping app exclusive to the Lumia line: Nokia Drive 3.0. WPCentral is reporting that, in addition to the button for switching between cameras, the lower button is that for a new "Lenses" function that should be revealed at next week's developer conference.

It's a shame that the screenshots are such bad quality, but luckily more about Windows Phone 8 should be revealed at Microsoft's Developer Summit in San Francisco just one week from today.

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