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N Game

N Game: You're a ninja whose running and jumping abilities were born from a strict metabolism. Unfortunately, thanks to this metabolism you can only live for 1.5 minutes (90 seconds). You lust for gold, and every piece you collect adds 2 seconds to your life span. You also have a fondness for rooms filled with ninja-killing mechanisms.

Your job is to pass 30 episodes, each consisting of 5 levels.

The number of times you can try a level is infinite, but I bet your patience isn't ;)

The game saves which episodes you've passed after you've completed them, so you can come back after shutting down the comp and play from where you last were. I think it saves the stats in the temp files, so if you wanna play all 30 you'd best not empty your cache :nono:

Right now I'm on episode 29, got stuck on level 3 of it. >_<

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Just passed the very last episode! Goddamn that was hard :thumbsup:

Ah well, now I can say I've beaten it ;)

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