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Screen Shapes and Controls


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Screen Shapes and Controls

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Quickly Create Mockups of Websites and Applications

The definition of "wasted effort": when you spend hours coding a website or application

based on your client's needs, only to discover that what you had in mind was completely

off-base with what your clients expected to see. You need a way to quickly convey the

design of a website or application without needing to deliver a completely coded solution.

That's why today's software promotion, Screen Shapes and Controls, is going to be such

an important part of your workflow!

Screen Shapes and Controls lets you quickly and easily create “scenes” consisting of all

kinds of freeform and geometric shapes, fully customizable with respect to colors, opacity,

background imagery, movement and more. Even better, you can add a number of Windows

form controls to any of your shapes with a simple click of the mouse. The result? Easy

mockups that your clients can review and approve, with even faster code development as

a result. Winning scenes can be stored as favorites for easy retrieval and modification for

later projects.

Screen Shapes and Controls gives you an easy way to show customers how a proposed

application or website will look and behave, without the need for any technical expertise

or programming. On the other hand, if you’re a client, you can use Screen Shapes and

Controls to give your programmer a good idea of what you want the finished product to

look like – it’s a lot better than scribbling on a whiteboard!

Giveaway page

The offer expires in 15 hours and 15 minutes, read the Features and

Policy on the right side of the giveaway page carefully.

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