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Opera v12.00.1448 RC1


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Whether you have been waiting for plug-ins to work on Windows 2000 again, reduced CPU footprint of plug-ins on Mac OS, got tired of those frequent freezes on Windows XP, or just wanted better plug-in performance . I've got the browser for you! Or at least: the latest Release Candidate of one. Have a blast testing today's RC!


- CORE-46472 Crash on CSS animations

- CORE-46692 Drag and drop file above children elements of the listened element opens tab instead

- DSK-226257 Option to remember approved certificates not remembered after a month

- DSK-357070 Broken order of event in WinTabs API (tab/create before tabGroup/create)

- DSK-357081 opera.extension.windows.getLastFocused() can returns wrong window

- DSK-362025 opera.extension.tabs.getAll() can return extra non-existing tabs

- DSK-364182 Painting issues when scrolling on Speed Dial with theme installed

- DSK-364889 Crash when accepting one of several Form Post Redirect dialog triggered by XMLHttpRequests

- DSK-365087 Crash when installing certain extensions that add toolbar buttons

- DSK-365336 Clicking the close button on an inactive tab makes that tab active before closing it, causing visual disturbance and slowness

- Plug-in performance improvements


- DSK-353231 Freeze when upsizing small window with plug-in

- DSK-364904 Plug-ins do not work on Windows 2000

- DSK-365045 Freeze on VG.no plug-in video player

- DSK-365335 Freeze on exit and other freezes on Windows XP


- DSK-334913 Plug-ins not allow to input non-latin characters

- DSK-347268 Background tab text is white with hardware acceleration enabled

- DSK-363416 Transparent background on Silverlight 5 does not clear before painting (Xbox.com avatars)

- DSK-363678 Keystroke buffer not cleared in some plug-in video players

- DSK-364351 Flash context menu does not open

- DSK-364848 Themes from semi-transparent images cause painting issues

- DSK-364857 Crash when clearing bitmap buffer

- DSK-365074 QuickTime plug-in freezes on Mac OS 10.5

- DSK-365400 Only one file is dropped even if several are dragged

- Linux and FreeBSD

- Reduced CPU footprint of plug-ins







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File name is Opera,not opera next,

and icon not gray any more.

Seems opera 12 will be released very soon.


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