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Android market share stalls; version 4.0 sees a 7 percent install base


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Google's Android 4.0, or Ice Cream Sandwich, operating system pushed its share of the user base to over 7 percent in May, even as Android experienced a tiny sliver of a market share decline in April, according to data from ComScore. Android's share of the smartphone market remains at a comfortable 50 percent, but the foot-dragging by carriers and manufacturers using the platform in getting the newest iteration of the operating system can't be doing it any favors.

ComScore's most recent stats show Android crossing the 50-percent mark in the period from January to April, growing from 48.6 percent to 50.8 percent. However, comparing it to a second dataset with figures ending in March shows that the OS may have backslid almost imperceptibly, from 51 percent to 50.8.

Statistical error could explain this away, but Android has been coasting for some time, even as RIM ceded 3.6 market share and Microsoft lost 0.4 percent, down to 4.0 percent, from January to April. This is markedly different from the meteoric rise the platform was experiencing this time last year while Apple stagnated.

The installed base of ICS experienced more growth, rising to 7.1 percent of all Android phones from 2.9 percent two months ago. ICS was first released seven months ago; by ten months after its release, Android 2.3 Gingerbread had reached 40 percent of Android phones (though it, too, took significant time to catch up to its Froyo predecessor).

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Android 4.0 installs still well behind older versions

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Android 4.0 was launched in December with its introduction inside the Galaxy Nexus smartphone from Samsung. Since then a number of other older smartphones and tablets have received the upgrade to "Ice Cream Sandwich". However, according to Google's own numbers, Android 4.0 still hasn't made much of an inroad six months after its launch.

According to information on the Android Developers page, Android 4.0 is installed in just 7.1 percent of all Android devices that have the Google Play download store installed. That compares to a whopping 70 percent of smartphones and tablets that have some version of Android 2.3 (also known as Gingerbread) inside. Even the older Android 2.2 (Froyo) still holds on to a 19.1 percent market share of all Android devices.

To be fair, Android 4.0 is doing better than the tablet-only Android 3.0, which is only installed in 2.7 percent of all Android devices. Also, Android 4.0's percentage has doubled since April as more and more older devices get upgrades. But with Google rumored to be working on Android 5.0 for a possible launch later this year, we do have to wonder if Android 4.0 will ever gain the traction in smartphones that Android 2.3 was able to do.

Via Phone Arena

Source: Android Developers | Image via Google

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