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Facebook Replacement? Hello Planet Infowars!


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For people who have been dreading using Facebook even though many of your friends and family use it to do the majority of their communication, there is now a much better alternative. Planet Infowars is a social network system that was setup by Alex Jones, a freedom fighter and true patriot of world wide liberty, as a means to replace information stealing and privacy invasive websites like Facebook. On top of Planet Infowars being much more private regarding your data, you will find in general more and more people that are of a certain intellectual degree who love freedom of speech and liberty all together.

Planet Infowars is what a true social network was meant to be and what the corporate ran social networks will never be able to be due to special interest groups that fund all of the giants of social media. There is finally a reason to join a social network and the time for resistance to global tyranny has a new place to mobilize without the fear of being silenced or censored.

Form special groups dedicated towards any topic that you want. Find like minded people actually worth talking to. The only drama that goes on in Planet Infowars is the drama that matters; exposing the lies and progressing further in our fight to bring about a better world and stable intelligent society. Let your voice be heard and be assured that there are many more out there just like you who have bright ideas.

Check It Out

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