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Need a Good Recovery Software !


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After losing the partition...

I created new partitions and installed WIN XP....

As I have all the files towards the end the HDD I know I can recover them... as long as I do not touch that part of the HDD....

I need a Good recovery application to recover the files....

I had around 2.5-3 Gb of music data....most of which would have to be recreated....

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You can try Active Uneraser although like CrisIsDef said, its not gunna be perfect..

I certainly understand ... whatever I get I would be happy with it... :P

I had checked that but :thumbsup: is something what I mot getting.......

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Fast File Undelete "is a low level program and has an executable file which will run from a floppy." I have tried it before and it can recover "files that were deleted prior to a Format." They have a new program there Recover It All! says it can recover a complete disk. The current versions only work if you start XP first. That second file is so small you might want to look for a few more utilities to fill up a diskette. [email protected] UNDELETE is an MMC file. I searched for 'active' in everything. Ontrack Easy Recovery (32MB) works allright under Windows 98. I have not tried it with XP.
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