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With $5.5M From Google Ventures, Opus, Crittercism Launches An App Performance Management Solution


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Last summer, after graduating from AngelPad, San Francisco-based Crittercism announced that it had raised $1.2 million in seed funding from the likes of Google Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, Opus Capital, Shasta Ventures, and AOL Ventures.

Today, the startup has received further validation for its diagnostic and management tools for mobile developers, as Opus Capital, Shasta Ventures and Google Ventures have all re-upped, investing $5.5 million in the startup’s series A financing. Not, in fact, $7.2 million as the company’s SEC filing stated this morning. Crittercism CEO Andrew Levy tells us that the filing included the convertible note from the startup’s seed funding.

For those unfamiliar, Crittercism began as a platform that enabled mobile developers to diagnose and analyze app crashes as well as provide quick, easy customer support to their users. The startup has since expanded its focus and today officially announced its app performance management solution, which captures and processes realtime app performance data — not only offering crash reports and diagnostics, but realtime views for app loads, system logs, handled exceptions and transaction tracing.

Levy tells us that the solution works for both small, indie developers and enterprise alike, saving companies from having to throw all their engineering resources at the latest crash, and, in turn, let developers focus on the most important issues, like analyzing user behavior and tracking specific attributes so they can optimize app performance.

The idea, Levy says, is to help developers increase their user retention, ratings and revenue, and companies like Netflix, AT&T, Eventbrite, and NPR are already on board. The startup’s solution allows for realtime app diagnostics and performance analytics on both iOS and Android — in other words, over 125 million unique devices and 3 billion app downloads. It’s currently beta testing its HTML5 SDK along with BlackBerry and Windows Phone integrations as well.

Right now, similar to other infrastructure plays, for indie developers, Crittercism charges based on volume and for enterprise charges a small flat rate per month based on the number of active monthly users using their apps. The company plans to release further pricing info in the next two weeks.

As it’s now tracking over 125 million unique devices, the startup has scaled quickly over the last year, which Levy sees as being one of its key value props to big and small companies alike. At scale, he says, Crittercism collects data that other solutions don’t touch and can thus offer a greater degree of insight, both by normalizing their data and by giving them a peek into the performance of each successive release of an app. Did v2.1 actually attract more downloads, fix the bugs that were a part a part of v2.0? That kind of stuff is critical to mobile developers that want to get the best performance out of apps — especially considering that attention spans are decreasing, and there are plenty of options to overwhelm the consumer on app stores. There’s not as much room for error as there was even a year ago.

For more on Crittercism, check them out at home here.

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Source : TechCrunch

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