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Windows XP sees big drop in OS market share in May


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According to new stats from Net Applications, Windows XP took a big dip in the market share for PC operating systems in May, while Windows 7 took a similar jump upward.

Windows XP may finally be losing its grip when it comes to holding the market share lead for PC operating systems. According to data from Net Applications, Windows XP is still in the lead with 44.85 percent. However, that's much lower than the 46.08 percent of the market share that Windows XP had in April 2012.

Similarly, Windows 7 experienced a big jump in the OS market share charts in May. It claimed 40.51 percent last month, compared to 38.67 percent in April. Microsoft has continued to send out warnings to Windows XP users, especially businesses, to upgrade their PCs to Windows 7 as soon as possible. This is due to the company's plans to end its official support for Windows XP in less than two years.

Net Applications also says that Windows Vista was third in OS market share in May with 6.88 percent, followed by Mac OS X 10.7 at 2.82 percent and Mac OS X 10.6 coming in at 2.59 percent. Linux is well behind at 1.03 percent. Users of the pre-release version of Windows 8 accounted for .13 percent of the PC OS market share in May 2012, a slight rise from its .12 percent market share in April 2012.

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yahh people almost upgrading to windows 7

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