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Windows 8 AMD Catalyst preview drivers released


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AMD has released new preview versions of its Catalyst drivers for its Radeon and FirePro graphics chip that are designed to work on the Windows 8 Release Preview build.

The Windows 8 Release Preview build is now available to download, but in order to run the OS preview with the best performance, you will also need to update your graphics drivers. If you have a graphics card with an AMD Radeon or FirePro chip, you might want to download the newly released preview version of AMD's Catalyst drivers.

This driver preview release contains a number of features that AMD graphics chip owners have in their regular Windows 7 drivers. That includes native stereo 3D support for 3D gaming and video viewing. The drivers also have some improvements in PC sleep/resume performance along with optimized GPU power consumption.

These new drivers also support features found exclusively with Radeon chips, including the Eyefinity multi-monitor support and the company's dual GPU Crossfire technology.

The release notes for these Catalyst preview drivers to admit to a number of known issues. That includes a problem with video corruption when playing back movie trailers with Windows 8's Metro video player. Also, running DirectX9 applications could be slower in Windows 8, compared to Windows 7, if you have a graphics card with a Radeon HD 7900, Radeon HD 7800, or the AMD Radeon HD 7700.

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