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Microsoft working to kill Windows 8 Start button hacks


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Removing the legacy code from its Windows 8 operating system is something Microsoft is currently working on to prevent third-party developers from releasing modifications and hacks in an attempt to re-enable the Start button and Start Menu in future builds.

Microsoft has recently been "furiously ripping out" legacy code in Windows 8 that lets third-party developers bring back the Start button, Menu and the other parts of the desktop interface according to Windows watcher, Paul Thurrott.

Whilst we are aware that certain UI hacks enabled the Start Button and Menu in the Consumer Preview, Thurrott confirms that they will simply not work on the Release Preview that will be released later today.

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Despite a growing debate over the Metro UI not being as intuitive on desktop PCs as it is on tablets, Microsoft doesn't appear to be willing to offer a solution to people who simply prefer the old way of doing things in a desktop environment with its upcoming Windows 8 release.

Microsoft's approach could anger developers and users who prefer the traditional desktop aesthetics over the new full-screen Metro ones, but Microsoft’s main concern is about convincing developers to build Metro-styled applications.

Microsoft already plans on dropping the Aero UI before the RTM builds so there's clearly very little room for any major additional changes before the operating system ships later this year – which means Microsoft will not cave in to the idea of re-incorporating the Start button, Start Menu and parts of the desktop interface.


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