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Google Nexus tablet revealed?


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It looks like there might be something to those Nexus tablet rumors. It may not be much, but a new benchmark posted on Rightware's Power Board reveals some interesting (if cryptic) information on the 'Google Asus Nexus 7,' as the site calls the device.

Let's start with the obvious: we've previously reported on rumors that the tablet will have a 7 inch screen, so we might venture to suggest that the tablet's name could confirm this. Or we could just be wrong. The benchmark also puts the tablets resolution at 768x1280.

The folks over at Android Police note that the other Nexus devices have all used fish based code names, like Mahi-mahi and trout, and the Nexus 7's 'Grouper' codename follows this trend. Hopefully the tablet looks better than the fish, which is a little bit terrifying.

The really cool part, though, code be the device's build number – JRN51B. It's been speculated that Jelly Bean could be the code name for Android 5.0, which would be the J in the build name. On the other hand, the benchmark shadows an SDK version of 4.1, which could mean Jelly Bean will be Android 4.1. Or just that the J doesn't stand for Jelly Bean.

Also worth noting is the fact that the benchmark says the device will feature a NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core chipset at 1.3 GHz, which also fits the rumors we've heard.

Rumor has it that the Nexus tablet will see the light of day sometime around July, so we'll have to wait until then for anything more concrete to emerge. But until then, we've got an interesting tidbit.

Source: Power Board | Android Police

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I hope next week .Nexus tablet is also estimated to keep costs low by only using a low resolution front-opposite camera for video chat like the ill-fated HP TouchPad.

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