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A Facebook uploaded photo of cash leads to house robbery


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We’ve seen pictures of people taking pictures of criminal activities and upload them on Twitter, and get arrested as a result, but here’s a story about Facebook which resulted in criminal activity being inflicted to the user.

A 17-year-old girl in Australia had been counting her grandmother’s savings and decided to upload a picture of all the money piled up. Although we haven't seen the picture, we assume the picture was something along the lines of what a rapper would post to show-off exactly how to “make it rain on them hoes”, but as a result of bad judgement the girl’s house was broken into and robbed.

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The girl has her address saved on her Facebook profile — so these burglars most-likely would have known who she was. The photo was uploaded and shared on the girl’s Facebook account around 4PM local time on Thursday, and at about 11:30PM the same day, a pair of masked men rifled through the girl’s family's home demanding the money they had seen on the Facebook page. The money wasn't at the address at this time, but the thieves got off with some valuables and a small sum of cash.

Despite no one being hurt, let this be a lesson to people sharing pictures of anything illegal or valuable that could result in any malicious criminal activities. The fact is: People seem to forget that the information that Facebook takes from you is what you give, or allow others to see.

Source: BBC

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and since they had access to the facebook photo that means trackable

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