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disabling google chrome build in flash any good?


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is it any good ? i mean we all have a flash install for FireFox already ...maybe 2 flash while using chrome can results conflict or video slow down or crashes?

maybe someone have more info about this dark corner :)


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I haven't tried it myself, but in general two occasions of flash will slow down your system.

So, how about the "click to play" thingy in Chrome? Settings > Settings > Show advanced settings... (in the very end of the page) > Content Settings > Plug-ins > Click to play. You can also click Manage exceptions if you want. :)

If you want to still disable Flash, type:


in the search bar > Flash > Disable. ;)

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Chrome don't need extra flash player. It has build in flash player.

And there are different flash player for firebox and IE.

If u use shock-wave player or adobe air that will affect chrome

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I think that is better to disable chrome built in flash player because in many cases that is corrupted or need restart chrome.I disabled it and now search on net without any problem. :lol: You can see this method.

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Ok...wtf... I just checked...and I got 3 flash plugin...wht the hell...now wonder my youtube used to crash soo much.

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