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This is Dell's Windows 8 tablet


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If you have been wondering what Dell was cooking up for its Windows 8 tablet, we have a leaked slide that will fill that void. The tablet should land this November and Dell is playing hardball.

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Dell is working on a Windows 8 tablet; we know this because Dell told us that they are planning to launch a Windows 8 tablet, easy enough. What we did not know is what will be driving the tablet under the hood, at least, until now.

As you can see from the slide above, we are looking at a 10.8 inch tablet, 1366x768 resolution, dual core Atom processor, fingerprint reader, Intel graphics (x86 tablet folks), 2 GB of ram, 128 GB SSD and of course it will be running Windows 8. We should note that it looks a lot like the Dell Latitude ST, naturally the specs have been upgraded and it will run Windows 8.

A key feature of the tablet will also be a removable battery that will come in two flavors. We are hearing that the smaller battery will get 6-8 hrs of battery life and the larger battery will get 10-12 hours.

We highly suspect that Dell will be putting out more than one tablet and the specs above represent one model of possibly several that will hit the market. We are hearing that this tablet will be ready for launch in the late Fall/November time-frame; we have not heard any information on pricing at this point.

If you recall, we brought light to the HP Windows 8 tablet that is currently in development which puts this Dell model in good company. The end result is that there will be multiple Windows 8 tablets come November which should give the consumer plenty of options to find the perfect tablet for their needs.

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