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Weekend Poll: What is your favorite Windows theme?


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Another weekend, another poll. This week we heard that the desktop for Windows 8 will be getting some changes to the theme, bringing it more in-line with the Metro style of the Start screen and other parts of the operating system. Out goes the Aero glass theme that we saw with Vista and Windows 7, instead replaced with a flatter, more minimalist and simple-colored theme that fits with the Metro design language.

Posted Image

Windows 8

This hasn't been the first change to the looks of Windows though, before now we have seen other designs such as "Luna" that was included with Windows XP, and of course variations of the Classic theme that persisted in OS versions such as 95 and 2000. So today we're asking which one of these themes has been your favorite, and we are also allowing you to choose Windows 8 if you think the upcoming change looks better than anything before.

Below is a little reminder of the different themes from the past few versions of Windows.

Posted Image

Windows ME "Classic" theme

Posted Image

Windows XP "Luna" theme

Posted Image

Windows Vista "Aero" theme

Posted Image

Windows 7 "Aero" theme

So, as always you can place your votes below, and comment as well; especially if you use a cool custom theme. Have a great rest of the weekend!

Images via Wikipedia Windows related articles.


What is your favorite Windows theme?

  • Classic (before XP) - 8.8%
  • Luna (in Windows XP) - 2.9%
  • Aero (in Vista & 7) - 51.8%
  • Metro (the Windows 8 future) - 31.2%
  • Other/Custom (comment below!) - 5.3%
Results (170 Votes)
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Which poll? Wait - this is software news. Posting some poll conducted at some place does not qualify as such. Topic closed.

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