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Mozilla Preps Firefox HomeTab Interface for June 5 Release


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Firefox is finally set to receive its new HomeTab on June 5. It is the first major new UI change since the release of Firefox 4 in early 2011.

Calling the new feature "HomeTab" may be a bit misleading as it is not a tab, but an application that is embedded in the browser and forms the new start page. The feature was originally laid out prior to the release of Firefox 5 and has been delayed multiple times on Mozilla's release tracking schedule.

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Mozilla will deviate from Google's concept to present the user with sliding pages, but rather will squeeze information on one page only. Besides the search bar, the HomeTab will hold links to frequently used apps, to frequently visited web pages as well as the most important contacts, according to the most recent mockups. The design is not available in the beta versions of Firefox 13 yet, but we assume that Mozilla will also include links to downloads, bookmarks, history, add-ons, sync and settings in the design as well. These links, as well as a shortcut to a quick session restore have made it into the homepage design not too long ago.

Firefox users should also expect a final version of the new tab page, as it is currently integrated in Firefox 13 beta versions, to debut in the new browser on June 5.


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It still doesn't look like the one showed above. As only phase 1 of the work is done with phase 2 in progress.

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