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Middle schooler in trouble for haircut of Spur


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The recipient of this haircut, a Texas middle-schooler named Patrick Gonzalez, caused quite a stir this week when he had Bonner's mug carved into his scalp. Woodlake Hills, the fuddy-duddy school he goes to, decided this was a big no-no and suspended Gonzalez for a day due to the distraction the haircut caused. Not a lot going on at Woodlake Hills, eh?

...checkout the happy ending : http://www.letssmile...haircut-of-spur

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:why: Now here's my question - What type of parents would allow their ~12 year old kid to have hair like that? I mean seriously. Cool for a 25 year old maybe, (I wouldn't know :P), but a middle schooler? :wtf: Oh! well.

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Hell, how'd he manage it in the first place??? O.o

Looks 3D. :eek:

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