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Dropbox’s Dropquest II Is Just Hours Away Promising 100 GB to the Winner


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The second Dropquest is about to begin. Puzzle-solvers who enjoy a challenge and might like a few more GB of storage added to their Dropbox accounts, only have a few more hours to wait until the second ever Dropquest gets underway, at 10AM PST (17:00 GMT).

There's no clue on what those puzzles will be, but they will involve the Dropbox app, so it's a good idea to have it installed ahead of the contest.

Also, be ready to put aside a few hours for this, as Dropbox warned that Dropquest may take five hours to complete and that's for the quickest players.

The biggest draw of Dropquest should be the puzzles themselves, but there are some interesting prizes as well. First place takes 100 GB of free storage, for life, along with a Dropbox hoodie, a t-shirt and other goodies. Second place takes 20 GB and fewer goodies and so on. But the best part is that everyone that solves Dropquest will get 1 GB of free storage.


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