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Samsung Galaxy Aurora Concept Shows What Galaxy S IV Might Look Like


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Samsung’s Galaxy S III – the company’s latest Android flagship device – is getting ready to make an official appearance on shelves in late May, a perfect opportunity for enthusiasts to start dreaming of the next smatphone in line, the Galaxy S IV.

Galaxy S III brings along top-of-the-line hardware capabilities and features, which will most probably be offset by the various enhancements that its successor is expected to include.

Coming from Alexander Black (via Concept-Phones), the Samsung Galaxy Aurora concept phone appears meant to offer a glimpse at what the future Galaxy S flagship could include.

The project is not finished as of yet, but it can still impress, even if the Android 5.0 operating system flavor from Google was not packed in it.

Galaxy Aurora sports a quad-core application processor that was clocked in at 2GHz, for increased performance capabilities.

It would also include 4G connectivity capabilities, wireless router chip built-in, a heat resistant screen, and a 12-megapixel photo snapper on the back, while being powered by a 3500 mAh battery that should offer 20-22 hours of talk time.

Galaxy Aurora would also come with a sleep mode for when you are resting your eyes, and will feature S Voice capabilities. Additionally, the device will be aware of the environment, thus being capable of silencing itself when needed.

Over all, these features seem good enough for a successor to the powerful Galaxy S III, even if some of them would rather appear futuristic to you.

However, it would not come too much as a surprise to learn that future smartphones will indeed include such capabilities, and that Samsung themselves decided to include them inside their next flagship Android device.

After all, they did manage to bring top-of-the-line features inside each of the new Galaxy S model. However, keep in mind that this is only a concept device, and that not all of these get to arrive on shelves in the end.


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