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Windows 8 Build 8375 Emerges, Visual Changes in Tow


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Next month, Microsoft should offer us a full taste of the latest changes in its Windows 8 operating system through the release of a new milestone of the platform, namely Windows 8 Release Preview.

This is, in fact, the Release Candidate version of the OS, but the Redmond-based company decided to rename it in line with previous flavors – Developer Preview and Consumer Preview.

The Release Preview of Windows 8 is set to become available in early June, as Microsoft themselves confirmed not long ago.

Soon after, the platform should reach another milestone, RTM, only months before the final version will become official, a move expected to October.

In the meantime, however, we can have a look at some of the latest changes included Windows 8, courtesy of screenshots allegedly coming from one of the latest builds that Microsoft is working with, namely Build 8375, which was compiled on May 4th, it seems.

Available via Win8China, these screenshots unveil various modifications when compared to the Consumer Preview flavor that became available for download back in February.

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For example, there are new lock screen images included in the package, along with a green tile for the Windows Store. Additionally, this Build shows a square instead of the magnifying glass usually present at the bottom right corner when scrolling.

The background pattern in Windows 8’s Metro Start menu appears to have been changed a bit as well, although you still cannot use images to personalize it, and there is a new default desktop wallpaper included.

This Windows 8 Build 8375 is said to have been sent to a group of select few as Consumer Preview Update 2. Apparently, the Release Preview of Windows 8 will sport a different build number.

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When making official the Windows 8 SKUs that will become generally available once the platform is ready, Microsoft also announced that there will be a specific version meant for the Chinese market alone, and we’re wondering whether these visual changes will not be included only in that SKU.

One way or the other, we do expect Windows 8 Release Preview to sport various changes when compared to the Consumer Preview milestone, but specific info on these will arrive only closer to launch.

Source - Softpedia
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I don't like this new change, everything is in Chinese and I can't read Chinese :wtf:

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All of them screenshots provided by that place will be in Chinese only... that obviously doesnt mean there wont be a English Windows 8 ;)

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