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AndroidOS_Boxer.A Malware Poses as Flash Player


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The owners of devices that run an Android operating system are advised to be on the lookout for a shady website that offers a fake Adobe Flash Player app. Security researchers found that the application hides a piece of malware called AndroidOS_Boxer.A.

Trend Micro experts identified the malicious element on a Russian site that’s similar to the ones that served the phony Instagram app and the Angry Birds Space game.

In this instance, AndroidOS_Boxer.A is served to unsuspecting users as an APK file, and it represents a service abuser which sends SMS messages to premium numbers.

After analyzing the threat, researcher have concluded that there are a number of malicious URLs hosted on the same server, which means that other applications might be pushed the same way.

That’s why Android users are advised to download software only from Google Play or other trusted locations. However, since legitimate websites have been known to hide shady apps, it’s always best to act with caution and rely on a security software to keep you safe.

Source - softpedia

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