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Bing maps updated


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Bing has just rolled out new features to its mapping service and is also announcing a new partnership with Big Think that will launch a new series on Humanizing Technology.

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London 2012 Olympic Construction

Microsoft has invested heavily in Bing and part of that investment has resulted in Bing Maps. The mapping service is quite robust and its feature set just added a little more girth to its beltline today with the addition of more cities that have ‘Bird’s Eye’ imagery and ‘Streetside’ coverage.

The two features are exactly as the name sounds. In more cities across the globe you can now get a bird’s eye view of the location or go all the way down to a street side view. If you used the maps in the US, you are probably quite familiar with these features but the features are now available many more locations.

One city that the new feature is available for is London, which if you recall is where the 2012 Olympics will be held. The bird’s eye imagery is now in place in this location and Bing also posted up some before and after images from all the construction that has taken place (see above)

All of the locations in blue below are where the features are now available.

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The updated Maps is not the only news out of the Bing camp as the search engine is also announcing its new partnership with Big Think. The new blog series about the Humanizing Technology will focus on bringing “together top visionary minds from across the industry to explore how technology can help advance basic human needs and highlight companies and academics currently doing work in the field.”

You can learn more about this new partnership here as Big Think and Bing are just getting started.

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Looks Nice, but can Bing beat Goolge on Map


That's what I guessed..

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