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Microsoft Research puts dual images on LCD screens


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A new project from Microsoft Research has created a way to use existing LCD screens to project two different images, which could lead to some interesting applications.

How would you like to watch a TV show or a movie on a screen while someone else watches a totally different TV show or movie on the same screen? How about playing a "split screen" multiplayer console game with the same technique? Today, Microsoft Research revealed it has developed a way to use existing LCD screens to show two different images on the same screen, but viewed at different angles.

As first revealed by the Next at Microsoft blog, the technique uses how LCD screens on laptops can show different colors and contrasts, depending on which angle the user views the screen. The software that Microsoft Research has developed allows current LCD screens to show two images or videos, which can change depending on how the LCD screen is angled.

The software uses a random dot pattern to hide images on the screen unless that screen is moved or viewed to the correct angle. This technique can also be used to create a stereo 3D effect without the use of glasses.

While this technology is definitely cool, there's no word on when or even if it will ever make it out of the Microsoft Research labs and into the marketplace as a real product.

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