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Collection of skins for Kaspersky Internet Security 2012


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Now that a CBE method is available for painless use of KIS2012 (thanks to MIH for sharing). I've been doing some hunting and found some nice skins to use with KIS2012.

The default / stock installation of KIS does not allow changing the look/appearance and alternate methods to allow this have been shared here, again by MIH.

The skins I found are all from http://forum.kasperskyclub.com and I've uploaded them to a folder on my mediafire account and shared for anybody that needs them to change the appearance of KIS2012.

Site: http://www.mediafire.com

Sharecode: /?zs594alq2iu44 [?]

sources: following are the locations where i found these skins so if you need to see screenshots / description, thats where you go

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Thanks for the post

Some reason those skin dont work my native language ver.

I will definitly try it when switching into Eng ver.

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Here are more skins - with a few examples B) - for more options go to :

Le SKIN di Pipkin per KIS 2012 adattate e localizzate in Italiano (...but also some in English)

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Here is a tutorial how to install skins in KIS2012 : download TUTORIAL vs 1.1. (guida all'installazione)

The skins allow (unless otherwise indicated) using KIS 2012 in both Italian and English and offer also advanced functionality to the user

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