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Trillian 5.2 Build 8 Beta


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Trillian 5.2 Build 8 Beta



Lots of great stuff in the new Trillian 5.2, now available for public beta testing! As with our Mac version, we’re making an effort this year to keep our releases slightly smaller in scope so that we can get them to you on a more regular basis. Our goals for the Windows product this year are to keep updates flowing smoothly, to tackle a large batch of group chat enhancements and feature requests, and to release a few other surprises we’ve been working on lately. So what’s new in 5.2?

Native spellcheck integration. Our message windows and social windows will now make sure you’re not making any mistakes when you type! Auto-correct optional.

Better Windows 7 support. Seen above, we now have the ability to split tabbed chats into their individual windows in the taskbar and have also added some great new jumplist features. Of course, these all work on the new Windows 8 too!

Twitter upgrades. Although we’ve always supported both native retweets and the older-style retweets, the option was buried in a preference. We’ve taken the time to tidy things up a bit and now expose both methods directly in the right click menu! You can also now follow conversations right inside of Trillian among other improvements.

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