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Skype exploit reveals user IP addresses


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While an IP address can reveal a user's city or country of origin, it doesn't provide more specific information. But it can be used to potentially track down users -- i.e., in litigation.

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A simple Skype exploit can reveal IP addresses -- remote and local -- of any user.

A blog post by skype-open-source runs through the process of obtaining a user's IP address. Essentially, all a person has to do is start the process of adding a contact with a specific user name. Instead of sending a contact confirmation, the person can click on the information card to obtain the IP address of that particular user.

The process only works if the other user is online. The only method of protecting against this is to log off of Skype when you're not using it, or ot use a virtual private network to hide the IP address, according to ghacks.

The IP address doesn't give up a person's name or other specific information, but it does provide information on the country, and in some cases city, of origin. Ghacks noted that an IP address can be used to obtain more information in the case of a lawsuit.

CNET contacted Skype for comment. We'll update the story when we get more information.

:view:Original Article: CNET

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