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Analytical thinkers less religious than people who go with their gut: study


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VANCOUVER - A University of British Columbia study suggests analytical thinkers are less religious than people who go with their gut instincts.

Researcher Will Gervais says the goal of the study was to determine why people believe in God to varying degrees.

He says the study suggests people who process information in a deliberate or analytical way are not as religious as people who are intuitive thinkers and use fast mental shortcuts.

Gervais, a psychology graduate student who co-authored the study, says participants rated their religious beliefs after doing problem-solving tasks and experiments.

He says a group that played a game with words such as analyze, ponder and rational said their belief in God was lower than those who were given a different set of words.

The study involved 650 participants from Canada and the U.S. and was published in the journal Science.

:view:Original Article: Winnipeg Free Press

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