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us tn property laws


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anyone know what the rules about hazardous dumping etc is in us tn laws

buying land beside my house (anyway found out on that land there is about 55 gallons of antifreese and oil waste)anyone know where to find the laws in tn about property rights etc before i buy it i know its ilegal dumping but wondering about the laws etc)

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Country/City/Community where the land is.. probaby has a resident disposal site for home owner/people to get rid of oil changes, old paints, etc. Might want to call them & tell you tales.

Or talk to your local gas station... they might take it & get paid for it a bit, if you can get it to them. They sell their oils from oil chages to recyclers.

Deduct the removal costs, which should be not too bad... from the purchase contracts?

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uhhh... id be worried about soil contamination... find out if you would be on the hook for cleaning it up if you decide to sell or eventually build on the lot. permits may require a soil test, idk for sure.

conversely, the seller may be on the hook for clean-up, i'm not sure who you would turn to, do you have a city council you can contact about such matters?

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