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Energy Saving Light Shuts Off Every Time You Blink


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In 2005, a team of scientists from the University College London found that parts of our brain momentarily "turn off" every time we blink. Drawing from this idea, Instructables designer Randy Sarafan has created an interesting device that could either be completely useless or potentially energy saving.


Using an Arduino programmed device and an EMG sensor attached to his face via electrodes, Sarafan was able to create a 'wearable' lamp device that switches itself off when he blinks or closes his eyes. Although the device seems to only respond to exaggerated blinking, perhaps a change in the sensitivity will fix the problem.

Although it's unsure as to whether or not the device will be able to save a statistically significant amount of electricity, or just consume more electricity in the process, it's still an interesting idea. For more information on the device, head on over to Sarafan's instructables page here.

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I do see one problem with this device. If the light doesn't turn back on instantly after your eye re-opens, it could have long term psychological effects on the brain after this happens over an over again for months on end. I know that's very vague but I'm basing this on a flicker rate study that is not usually associated with light bulbs, but TV instead. This may not even be applicable.

Another aspect is that, turning on and then off again of ANYTHING, wears that thing down just by a tiny bit. If this thing would be on and then off for a computer gamer, it would have effectively flicked on and off about 23040 times. This could quickly damage the receptors of most ANY light device after a short time even.

I'm not saying new inventions are bad by the way, this one is devised with the thought of saving energy, yet people STILL do not know that there are INDEED real "free energy devices" that are being suppressed that can and DO create unlimited clean energy, right from the air around us. Practical Guide to Free-Energy Devices

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This is not a good idea...

It might be funny and 'nice' as a proof of concept, but seriously: not a good idea.

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