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KC Softwares AudioGrail (Re-Run)


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KC Softwares AudioGrail v7.0.2.179

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AudioGrail (Formerly K-MP3) is the swiss army knife for everthing that is related to

audio files (MP3, MPC, OGG...). It can very easily rename and tag (tag: info such as

artist name, album, track title) your files automatically. It can also analyse quality,

organize files on your system, find duplicated files and improve your everydays

audio experience !


AudioGrail features

  • Supports : MP3, OGG, MPC, APE, AAC, FLAC and WavPack files.
  • Automatically Albums Ranaming & Tagging (ID3Tag V1 & V2 tags, Vorbis (Ogg) comments and APEv2 tags are supported) Powered by FreeDB.
  • One-by-one tag editor with queue (for multiple files edition).
  • Audio files To Audio CD burning capabilities.
  • Files Names Normalizer (Case Standardization...)
  • Tags Normalizer (Case Standardization...)
  • Mass Tags Remover
  • Files Organizer (Mass Tag To Name / Move To Folder)
  • Duplicate Files Finder
  • Playlist Creator & Analyser (Supported Formats : m3u, pls, xpl)
  • Files Lister (Supported Formats : Raw listing, Coma Separated Values, SQL, XML)
  • Incomplete Tags Finder.
  • Quality Analyser.
  • Internationalization support.
  • ... And much more !
Giveaway page



KC Softwares



-Registration details included

-Added two versions, a installer version and a no installer version

-Read the included _readme.txt for instructions

Site: http://www.mediafire.com

Sharecode: /?qdenyapnbslbm5s [?]



ThinApp version

-Multilingual (you can choose between a bunch of langs)

-Already activated, no registration/activation needed

-Stores all files/settings/traces in a folder besides the main executable

(just delete that folder to delete unwanted traces if you won't use it anymore)

Site: http://www.mediafire.com

Sharecode: /?lmc5lg1wkd334nj [?]



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Is this Lite version? What is Re-run? Thanks for the share!
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Do you mean if the installer contains any toolbar and adware crap? :lol:

No, the Re-Run was done because the first giveaway "lite" installer versions did contain all this

"sponsor" stuff anyway. Many people complained about that so KC Softwares created real lite

installers, they removed the sponsors completely and for this they offered the giveaway for new

24 hrs. :)

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