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New Windows 8 logo still sticking around


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Microsoft says that putting in the old Windows logo on the slide in its Windows 8 Release Preview launch date announcement instead of the new Windows 8 logo was "just a miss on the slide."

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When Microsoft announced the launch date for the Windows 8 Release Preview version a few hours ago in Japan, one odd thing was that the logo shown in the bottom right hand corner was of the current Windows logo and not the new one made specifically for Windows 8. Microsoft first revealed the design of the new logo in February.

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Someone apparently slipped up when they made that slide. When someone messaged the official Build Windows 8 Twitter page to ask if they were reverting back to the old Windows logo after seeing the picture, Microsoft responded with this brief note: "just a miss on the slide. #sorry."

The new Windows 8 logo, which was designed with the assistance of the third party design company Pentagram, has been a bit polarizing to long time Windows fans since it was first revealed. Microsoft said at the time that they wanted the new logo to look more like a window than previous logo, which resembled a flag flapping in the wind. Sam Moreau, the Principal Director of User Experience for Windows, wrote back in February:

Microsoft and Windows are all about putting technology in people's hands to empower them to find their own perspectives. And that is what the new logo was meant to be. We did less of a re-design and more to return it to its original meaning and bringing Windows back to its roots – reimagining the Windows logo as just that – a window.

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