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Regain your privacy on the Internet with Spotflux


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Looking for an instant, easy and safe solution to surf the web more securely? Look no further than Spotflux – a free tool for Windows and Mac (a mobile version is in works, and will be available soon) that encrypts your connection through a virtual private network (VPN) and protect your computer from all kind of dangerous web data, that includes malware, unwanted tracking services that could expose your sensitive information like passwords...etc. Spotflux saves bandwidth and hides your IP address keeping your location private to maintain your online privacy.

Installing Spotflux

Before anything else, download Spotflux for PC or Mac as per your own requirements. Installing Spotflux is a pretty straight forward task and the wizard pretty much guides you through the installation. You don't have to worry about it installing toolbars or any other badware. Just follow the steps given below and you'll be fine.

Posted Image

As part of the installation process you may be prompted to install a custom device driver from Spotflux. Check the box next to Always trust software from "Spotflux" and click ''Install''.

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Interface & Settings

The application has a simplified and easy to use interface design. In practice, Spotflux is totally transparent. Its compact window features a single button, and a large banner telling you whether or not you are protected.

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The settings dialog allows you to specify application behavior and configure proxy settings. You can choose to show tray notifications, hide the main window at startup and enable or disable warning messages.

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Closing words:

With an easy to use interface Spotflux is definitely worth a try if you are looking for a free solution to bypass censoring technologies and to protect your online privacy. Spotflux is undoubtedly one of the best and easiest to use software which allows secure web browsing. Straight-forward, works efficiently, simple to use and does what it says it will do! It installs smoothly and runs with out any problems. When tested it gave perfect results without causing any crash or slow browsing speeds.

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About Spotflux:

Spotflux is a NYC based company which develops several unique technologies that allow users all over the world to browse an open and free internet. Spotflux offers an easy way to encrypt your connection, hide your real IP address, removes tracking cookies, check for malware threats and blocks some advertisements.


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