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Samsung starts the coundown to "the next Galaxy"


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Samsung has done a good job at keeping its next Galaxy device under wraps, but now it appears that Samsung will be unveiling it tomorrow morning - could this be the highly-anticipated Galaxy S III?

Samsung's has been preparing itself to unveil its first teaser for the hotly-anticipated successor to its Galaxy S II smartphone. A tweet from the company's mobile division points readers to a Samsung-owned website titled tgeltaayehxnx — an anagram for "the next galaxy" — where a countdown is teasing "the next step in" just under 17 hours.

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Samsung's next Galaxy launch is set for May 3rd in London, so we won’t learn everything this Monday, but perhaps we’ll know the device name. Rumors speculate that the Galaxy S III will be the next flagship Android device from Samsung and would also be the official mobile device of the London Olympics 2012.

We’ve spent the last few months speculating on what the Galaxy S III would offer, but the question still remains as to whether the device is worth a purchase. Feel free to let us know whether the release of a new Galaxy device is worth a purchase.

We’ll learn more as the countdown to tomorrow morning winds down.

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