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Cyber attacks on F1 over Bahrain


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Formula One has come under attack from cyber anarchists as part of the latest anti-Bahrain Grand Prix protests.

Anonymous, the internet hacking organisation, said before the incident on Friday night that they would turn the formula1.com website into "a smoking crater in cyberspace".

The attack, made under the title of Operation Bahrain after what the group perceive as "the incredible human rights abuses of the Bahrain regime", was unleashed shortly after Crown Prince Salman had defiantly stated this weekend's race will go ahead.

F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone had earlier insisted it was down to the Bahrainis to cancel their grand prix, passing the buck on to his Royal Highness, who duly responded.

Tensions in the paddock have risen this week in light of two incidents encountered by Force India and Sauber, with the former withdrawing from second practice as part of new safety measures. Team personnel left the Bahrain International Circuit at 5pm before darkness fell.

At that time a group of 50,000-plus protesters had failed in an attempt to reach the former Pearl Roundabout, the symbolic site of last year's crushed uprising.

Riot police eventually dispersed the throng with rounds of tear gas and pepper spray, along with sound bombs, resulting in three arrests and at least five injuries from shotgun pellets.

Regardless of the violence that continues to overshadow his race, Prince Salman insisted it was "a force for good".

He added: "It unites many people from many different religious backgrounds, sects and ethnicities, under the roof of Formula One. This race should continue because it is indeed a very big event for this country, important economically, socially... I also think cancelling the race just empowers extremists."

As for Ecclestone's website, Anonymous have vowed it will remain under attack for the remainder of this grand prix weekend. They further claimed to Ecclestone they would "jam phone lines, bomb e-mail inboxes, and wreck anything else of yours we can find on the internet".


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I don't want to get into politics, but this is wrong.

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