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Samsung SyncMaster 2253BW


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Dear Readers,

I've had this monitor for quite some time now.

You can find the Features here.

The one that gets me and I am not quite sure on is:

2 ms G to G fast response time

Response time refers to how long it takes pixels to

turn from completely white to black

and back again. The lower the milliseconds (ms),

the faster the response time is. A fast 2ms response time virtually eliminates any blurring, making this monitor perfect

for enjoying video games and all of your digital entertainment.

If I check the options for that on my Monitor, I have the options of (It is labeled as 'RTA'):

Mode1 / Mode2

The thing is... I am not much of a gamer so I didn't think it would help me.. As i mainly use my System for Viewing Videos/Pictures... And when I try either setting, I notice in Video's.. There is more of a 'blur/travel' effect when watching... Not too sure how to explain it... But basically it seems it takes a longer time for the scenes to 'switch' which leaves that blur/echo effect, you see the colors last on-screen for quite some time...

So I guess my question is mainly what this feature does and is it only beneficial for Gamers. (Sorry I might just be using it wrong =X)


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With RTA Technology the monitor will produce clear screen images with none of the blurring associated with previous generations of LCD Monitors.

Still looking what Mode1 and Mode2 mean...

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