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Man allegedly steals gas from cop car, posts photo on Facebook


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A Kentucky man is so proud of his cleverness in siphoning gas from a police car that he posts the photo -- complete with him giving police the finger -- on Facebook. Now why would you do that?

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(Credit: Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

First comes the fun. Then comes the telling all your Facebook friends. Then comes the showing all your Facebook friends. Then one of them tells the police.

This is what may have happened to the awfully unfortunate Michael Baker, who allegedly thought it might be the height of his day if he could siphon some gas from a police car.

The way The Smoking Gun relates this contemporary Kentucky tragedy, Baker, 20, espied the unmanned police car last month.

The police allege in the comprehensive and riveting court documents, that Baker stole the gas from a Jenkins County Police Department Cruiser "with the intent to deprive them thereof."

The allegation is that Baker's girlfriend took the apparently incriminating photo--complete with him giving police the finger -- and then he posted it to his Facebook page. It is no longer there, but there is a post that reads: "just got out of jail." (The Smoking Gun has posted said photo, for those curious.)

There is also a post from Baker that offers: "yea lol i went too jail over facebook." Which ought to suggest he might think of suing Mark Zuckberberg.

Baker does explain on his Facebook page a potential motivation for his alleged actions: "yea lol u would just have to seen it it was funny as hell tho." This was in reference to the picture.

What is odd is that he doesn't seem too angry that the photo fell into police hands. Surely it must have been one of his Facebook acquaintances who socially networked it a little too far.

One thing the photo seems to prove, though, is that shamrocks really aren't that lucky. For there, on his hat was one of the supposed blessed green plants. And won't you just look at the pickle he's in.

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(Credit: Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

:view:Original Article: CNET

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