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How to disable the ad-popup in AntiVir


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AntiVir is probably the best free antivirus software. It's free for non commercial use and updates its virus definitions regulary just like the professional version. The free version however has the habit to display a advertisment popup after each update, which normally means that you see this ad every single day. It is always the same ad and I don´t see a reason for this at all, once is fine but everyday ?

I show you how to disable this advertisment *without* tampering with the rest of AntiVir. This workaround is only working in Windows Xp (pro).

1) Run secpol.msc which opens the local security settings.

2) Select software restrictions policy on the left and then additional rules.

3) Right click in the window on the right and chose new path rule.

4) Click on browse and navigate to avnotify.exe (normally in program files/ AntiVir Personaledition Classic/).

5) Select disallowed as the security level and hit ok to close the dialog.

What we've done know is that we forbid the execution of avnotifiy.exe which shows the Ads. This works as long as the producer is not updating avnotify.exe itself and changing its name in the process. If that is the case repeat the steps to disallow the new named exe as well.

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Good post.

I used that solution b4 i get myself a Premium License

Thanks, I hope people find this tip useful.

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Thanks, I hope people find this tip useful.
Damn straight!! and don't you forget it. I have been trying to find a way to kill that annoying ad for months and finally I found the answer thanks to you. I just want to say thank you very much for posting this. ;)
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