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MPAA Forced isoHunt Filter Legitimate Material


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After the Motion Picture Association of America won lawsuit against isoHunt, the affected service has been ordered by the court to impose a keyword filter developed by the movie industry. The filter works by blocking any material that matches words blacklisted by the trade group.

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As industry experts predicted, plenty of legitimate material was also found blocked after the MPAA’s filter was imposed. For instance, Brian Taylor’s short horror film titled “The Bite” was found inaccessible shortly after the creator officially released it on isoHunt. Taylor released the film through his En Queue Film production studio, and decided to distribute it to the public via isoHunt, but here MPAA said its word…

During the interview, Brian Taylor confirmed that he got it going and had downloads start from the United States and Europe almost immediately, which was very pleasant news for him. However, this happiness didn’t last: when Taylor made an attempt to access the torrent from an American connection the very next day after release, he was greeted by this message saying that the file has been censored, as required by American court.

The MPAA might consider filtering a great victory, because it has been continuously claiming that intellectual property is the outfit’s greatest concern. Meanwhile, the courts of law keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again – you can recall the Napster case, where the service was court ordered to apply keyword filtering. Of course, this method didn’t pay off. The same result is expected in isoHunt’s case, with the MPAA’s keyword filters blocking legitimate material. Again and again, the MPAA is doing whatever it wants, with no regards to the independent artists who are now deprived of their right to distribute their works the way they want.

Source: Extratorrent

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