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Microsoft's SkyDrive gets a couple of new features


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Microsoft has announced some new features for its SkyDrive cloud data storage service, including new support for viewing files in the Open Document Format and more.

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Microsoft has added some new and interesting features for its SkyDrive cloud data storage service and it made the announcement in a way that shows off one of these new additions. The company announced that files written in the Open Document Format can now be viewed on SkyDrive in a web browser. In fact today's announcement was made via an ODF file.

Documents made using ODF are usually linked with the open source-based OpenOffice software suite but Microsoft's own Word program can also view and edit files in the format.

In addition, Microsoft announced that SkyDrive users can now upload individual files as large as 300 MB to their SkyDrive accounts via a web browser. You can now also share SkyDrive files to your friends via your Twitter account. Finally, SkyDrive images can be shared with Microsoft's own sdrv.ms URL shortener for Windows Phone users.

Microsoft also hints in today's announcement that it has "some really big things coming soon" for SkyDrive users. A couple of months ago, there were rumors that Microsoft might add Windows and Mac SkyDrive clients at some point, along with options to purchase additional cloud storage beyond the free 25 GB amount that the company already offers.

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I've only just looked at Skydrive and they've dropped the storage to 7GB. If you used it earlier than April 22nd you can claim back the 25GB.

Not a bad service really.

Prices are low for upgrading to a bit more space.

I just tried to get the free 25GB but no luck, a few days late :rolleyes:

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