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WinPatrol PLUS 99 Cents!


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Two Day Only 99 Cent Experimental Sale!
If you've ever considered upgrading to WinPatrol PLUS today is the day. Even the illegal sites online can't offer you a deal like this.

See http://billpstudios.blogspot.com/ for conditions and details.

You don't have to be doing anything wrong on the Internet to become a casualty of malware. WinPatrol takes snapshot of your critical system resources and alerts you to any changes that may occur without your knowledge. WinPatrol was the pioneer in using a heuristic behavioral approach to detecting Zero-Day attacks and violations of your computing environment. WinPatrol continues to be the most powerful system monitor with a small memory footprint so you won't even know it's running.

WinPatrol's easy tabbed interface allows you to explore deep inside your computer without having to be a computer expert. A one-time investment in WinPatrol PLUS provides a unique experience you won't find in any other software. WinPatrol works and plays well with others so it will complement any popular AntiVirus program scanner you currently use. The difference is you'll never have to pay ever again for our PLUS enhancement.

WinPatrol PLUS 99 Cents!


We have no advertising or PR department.
We depend on creating a good product & YOU!
Upgrade to WinPatrol PLUS and you'll be proud member of our fantastic user supported software that will last a lifetime. Join the good guys.

WinPatrol works its best under Windows 7 but is still the world's most optimized monitor for Windows XP & Vista systems.

As in the past, this will be a limited time only “experiment” starting at Noon EST on Monday, April 16th 2012 and will end Noon EST on Wednesday April 18th, 2012

No arguments just buy it if you like it. Bill is a great guy :) A lifetime license for 99c. That is all.

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I bought this app ages ago for the full price,and now I'm gonna get a few more "honest" licenses, Thanks!

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