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Laplink PCmover 6 Professional for free


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aplink PCmover Professional 6 provides an easier way to move to a new PC. There's no need to manually reinstall

all your applications, add updates, find extensions and addons. Instead, PCmover Professional will take the programs

you specify, and transfer them, their settings and data from one PC to another.

This isn't a complicated process. PCmover Professional is essentially just a wizard, so once you've installed it on both PCs,

then you simply start on the new computer and follow the instructions. Keep clicking Next and the program will walk you

through each step of the process.

It can't do everything, of course. If you're moving to a Windows 7 PC, say, and one of your favourite old applications

isn't 7-compatible, then PCmover might transfer the raw files but it isn't going to work. System tools like antivirus

programs are difficult to migrate, too. And the program won't even try to move hardware drivers, which is probably

avery good thing (that could cause more problems than it solves).

You also need to be very careful when using the program, as the licence is for a single migration only.

If you forget to tell the program to transfer a particular application, and don't notice until the process is complete,

then you can't try it again without buying another licence.

Home Page: http://www.laplink.com/pcmover


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could you elaborate a little more please? where does one download and where does one enter the provided code? Thanks!

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