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Windows AntiSpyware to Remain Free


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Windows enthusiast sites flew into a tizzy this week following a Windows OneCare beta chat session in which a Microsoft employee inferred that Windows AntiSpyware would be dropped at the conclusion of its beta program. There was only one problem with the news: it wasn't true.

While an enterprise version of Windows AntiSpyware will be offered to businesses for a cost and OneCare is also slated include the technology, Microsoft plans to continue making the software available at no charge for end-users.

"Users who validate their Windows install through WGA will be allowed to download the AntiSpyware beta, as well as the full standalone version of AntiSpyware when it releases to the web. This has not changed since Bill Gates announced this information at the RSA conference in February," wrote developer Steve Dodson on his Web Blog.

"For users who want more services including AntiVirus, computer backup, and AntiSpyware we will be offering Windows OneCare live. Windows OneCare Live is currently in beta, but when it releases to the web it will be available to users with a cost," Dodson added.

Now that certainly sounds good....

Yipee 600 posts :)

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Does it stay 600?

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