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Google Chrome stable 18.0.1025.151


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The Chrome Stable and Beta channels have been updated to 18.0.1025.151 on Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome Frame. This release fixes issues including:

  • black screen on Hybrid Graphics system with GPU accelerated compositing enabled (Issue: 117371)
  • CSS not applied to <content> element (Issue: 114667)
  • Regression rendering a div with background gradient and borders (Issue: 113726)
  • Canvas 2D line drawing bug with GPU acceleration (Issue: 121285)
  • Multiple crashes (Issues: 72235, 116825 and 92998)
  • Pop-up dialog is at wrong position (Issue: 116045)
  • HTML Canvas patterns are broken if you change the transformation matrix (Issue: 112165)
  • SSL interstitial error "proceed anyway" / "back to safety" buttons don't work (Issue: 119252)
Known Issues:

  • HTML5 audio doesn't work on some Mac computers (Issue: 109441)
Security fixes and rewards:

A new version of Flash Player is included. More details are available in an addendum to this Flash Player advisory.

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